I pull out all of my favourite dance moves as I stand in a crowd while watching Miike Snow perform live at The Divide Music Festival. Orange and yellow rays shine out from behind the stage as the sun starts to set. A mix of fresh mountain air and the smell of delicious food truck pizza fills my nostrils. I look around me and take in the beauty of Winter Park, Colorado. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the mountains surrounding the festival grounds are majestic. The amazing scenery only enhances the fabulous music. I take a sip of my beer and continue to enjoy myself with a group of my favourite (or favorite) Americans.

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I added dance at a music festival to my bucket list in January 2016 and by July 2016 I crossed it off the list. The Divided Music Festival was an amazing experience and I am glad it was the festival that popped my music festival virginity. Not only did it have a great lineup of bands, it’s location was one of the most beautiful places in the U.S of A. Winter Park is Colorado’s playground. It is located in the Rocky Mountains and has fun outdoor activities for every season. Which was fabulous for the festival because between bands you could go for a lovely hike in the mountains. The festival also had guided hikes and bike tours and started every day with morning yoga.

Besides the music and the scenery, another great thing of this festival was the food trucks and drinking stations. Everything I ate was delicious. There was more than 20 different food trucks, serving every kind of food imaginable. Tacos, dumplings, paninis, and a whole lot more. My favourite would have to be Deer Creek Pizza. OH MY GOSH, this pizza was so good, I had it every night for dinner. The owners of the food truck were incredibly nice and joked around with us. Their laid back attitude and inviting presence made eating their delicious pizza even better.

The festival had some great mix of well known bands and local Colorado bands in their line up, which was great. You got to check out some, fresh up-and-coming talent as well as jam out to some classics. One of the Colorado bands that really stuck out to me was Morden Suspects, definitely worth checking them out. Some big names that played were, Blondie, Cake, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Kid Cudi, The Fray, Miike Snow, and Passion Pit. All of them were just fantastic.



The highlight of my weekend was (drum roll please) getting to meet Blondie. First of all, Debbie Harry and the band rocked so hard. At one point, a rainstorm blew in and the winds picked up and was literally blowing the stage down, but they were still jamming hard. (Just to let everyone know as I am writing this I am singing “Call me”.) After their set my friends and I got the privilege to go backstage. As the band was packing up and heading to the airport, we got to meet and take pictures with them. They were the first famous people I have ever met. It was so amazing to meet musical legends. Also, while we were taking a photo with Debbie, she laughed at my joke, no big deal. (Joking, it’s a huge deal! lol)

My weekend at The Divide Music Festival was incredible. Music, mountains and beer, what else do you need? I know that I am greatly looking forward to next year’s festival and I hope to see you there.