8 Ways to Travel More in 2018

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Happy New Year y’all! I am so excited for 2018. A new year, is like a new page. A fresh start! You get to recharge and refuel and get back to killing all of your goals. I am a bigger believe in resolutions. I know that some people think that making a resolution is silly because people never keep them, but I am living proof that that ideology is bull shit. My 2017 New Years Resolution was to go Vegan. AND GUESS WHAT?! I have been vegan for a year! Haha! WIth hard work and motivation you can do anything you set your mind to. Anything! So please make some resolutions and just do them!

It seems like everyone I talk to has made the New Years resolution to travel more in 2018. I personally, think that this is the best idea, better than sliced bread. Haha I think that traveling more should be everyone’s New Years Resolution. Traveling is fun, exciting and it helps shape you into a strong and awesome person.

Here are some ways that you can easily add more travel into your 2018 and beyond. 


  1. Weekend Trips: Use your free time as wisely as possible. It may seem silly and rushed but you can 100% get on a plane or buckle up in your car and explore some place new over a weekend! The key to a successful weekend trip is to carefully plan your trip in order to make sure you do all that you want to do. If you only have two days off, why not spend two days in Paris or San Francisco or Costa Rica. If heading to a new country for the weekend sounds too stressful for you don’t forget that your home city, province(state), and country has attractions. Why not spend the weekend exploring close to home? I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for most of my life and it took me 22 years to go up the CN Tower. (The CN Tower is the 9th free standing building in the world. It is a Toronto iconic and makes Toronto’s unique skyline.) Don’t be silly like me, explore your homes.
  2. Volunteer abroad: There are some huge advantages to volunteering abroad. Number one, you get to help make our planet a better place while getting to explore a new culture, trying new foods, and make new friends. Number two a lot of volunteer programs will give you free accomoadtions, food and maybe even a free flight. Check out companies like Workaway.
  3. Drive some else’s car across the country: I have a friend who has done this a few times and he loves it! People will pay for you to drive their car across North America! How awesome right? Try Auto Driveaway, and have an epic road trip.
  4. House swap: Use sites like Home Link, Home Exchange or Guest to Guest to find the perfect people to swap houses with. Who knows maybe you will have a fun, romantic adventure like in The Holiday! If not, don’t stress because you are awesome and you will have a great trip.
  5. Teach English: If you are looking for a long trip to a far away land, teaching English could be right for you. You usually don’t have to be certified to teach, but it never hurts to get certified. Most opportunities will cover your living expense and flights. Check here for teaching opportunities. 
  6. Ask for Travel Gift Cards: For your birthday, and holidays this year why not ask for travel gift cards! You can get gift cards for airlines, hotels, train rides, airbnb, etc. and then you can get traveling to your dream destinations.
  7. Become an Au Pair: If you love kids and want to travel, why not work as an Au Pair in another country. Usually, the family you work for will pay for your food and accommodations exchange for you taking care of their children. Check out AuPair.com now and see what opportunities are in store for you.
  8. Move to another country: This one may sound extreme. However, packing up and moving to another country, even for a six months or year, can be the best thing you do in your whole life. Why not try a work abroad or work holiday program, like Global Work and Travel, or Alliance Abroad? Or look for a place, visas, and job on your own and just pack up your stuff and make it happen captain!

Let me know how you are planning to travel more in 2018!



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