7 Things To Do In Cape Town

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The wind is blowing in my hair, as I look around and admire the breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, sand and lush green mountains at one of the viewpoints along Chapman’s Peak Drive, in Cape Town, South Africa. I am lost in the deep blue water, when all of a sudden a small dark dot appears a few miles off the coast. As the dark dot, comes closer to the shore, the dot gets bigger and bigger and soon I realize that the small dark dot is actually a full grown whale. I low key start fangirling over seeing the whale. (Side note, I love all animals, and I get way to excited even when I see like a squirrel.) I take out my camera and telephoto lens and start taking pictures of the magnificent creature. I take in this perfect moment, when all of a sudden I realize that the whale is not alone. Beside the whale is her baby. I am completely lost for words as I watch the momma and her baby swim side by side.

One of the most beautiful cities that I have ever been to, is Cape Town, South Africa. This vibrant city is located on the coast of South Africa, touching the Atlantic Ocean.  You can get close and personal with all sorts of land and sea animals, surf epic waves, meet amazing people and indulge in delicious food.

Here are 7 things you must due in Cape Town:

  • Play with Penguins at Boulders Beach: 

    That’s right PENGUINS y’all! Take the train to Boulders Beach and hang out with the cuties in tuxedos. Make sure to bring a camera because you are going to want to take lots of pictures with these little adorable guys.  

    Hike up Table Mountain:

    Hiking up Table Mountain is probably one of the most icon things to do in Cape Town.  The view is breathtaking. I recommend hiking up for sun rise or sunset (or both). If you aren’t a fan of hiking, (which you should totally try to get into because its so therapeutic and amazing) there is a gondola that you can ride to the top.

  • Go on an African Safari:

    Less then two hours from Cape Town is Aquila Safari and Spa, where you can go on a half day, full day, overnight and a flying safari. You will be able to see the big 5 (lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, and leopards) and more. You can also stay overnight and enjoy the spa and hotel.

  •  Enjoy the markets:

    Cape Town has so many great markets, filled with amazing food, cool clothes, jewelry, art and more. Definitely check out Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market, in Muizenberg, it is my personal favourite and it has great vibes.

  • Go surfing:

    Cape Town is home to many amazing surf locations. If you are a pro surfer or you’re just a beginner dreaming of catching waves, Cape Town has when you are looking for. Be sure to visit Muizenberg, known as surfers corner,  where you can rent a board and get a lesson or two. Side note: Muizenberg is where the tiny, colourful, beach house are!

  • Shark Cage Diving: 

    You can get close and personal with beautiful Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. This experience with the sharks was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend book a cage dive.

  • Eat vegan food: 

    First of all, YAY for vegan food! Secondly, Cape Town is one of the top cities in the world for delicious vegan food. Definitely check out The Hungry Herbivore, Organic Zone and of course, Honest Chocolate Cafe for your sweet tooth.




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