It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (You should know that I sang as I typed it out. #casslife) The holiday season is upon us and I could not be happier. Two fun facts about Cass: number one I love all holidays, Christmas is my favourite, but I think it’s super cool to celebrate all the holidays during the holiday season/ all year round. More parties = more fun = loving life.  #cassmath. Number two, I love giving gifts. There is no better feeling then getting someone you love the perfect gift. Seeing their eyes light up and a huge smile appear on their face always makes me feel so great.

Sometimes finding that perfect gift can be super hard though. I know that I have spent hours and hours walking in and out of stores trying to find the perfect gift for the right person, and even though the end result is worth it, it can be complete exhausting. But don’t worry I am here to help you out and make your holiday season a little less stressful. I found some super awesome and unique gifts on Etsy that would bring a smile to all of the travel lovers in your life. They also may make perfect gifts for you, so share this post with your loved ones and fingers crossed you get some of these perfect gifts. 

10 Perfect Etsy Gifts for Travellers:

  1. Push Pin Travel Map

This map not only looks amazing it also interactive and helps keep your travel memories alive. After each trip you (or the person you buy it for) can return home and mark the country you visited. PaperRamma will set you up with a Design Guru who will work one-on-one with you to customize the map to your liking, and create the perfect map for your loved ones.

2. Vegan Leather Handbound Journal 

This handmade, hand-bound,  vegan faux-leather book works as a journal, notebook, or sketch pad. It’s the perfect companion for wild adventures and roaming new cities. Different colours are available as well as custom orders.

3. Compass Necklace 

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How cute is this compass necklace? I am in love with it! This necklace is too perfect for those who like to roam the world.  This compass necklace comes in a beautiful organza bag, so it is GTG! (Good to give haha)

4. Waxed Canvas Backpack

These backpacks are roomy, stylish and ready to accompany you on all of your adventures. They are waterproof, which is fantastic and could potentially save your life. The waxed canvas backpack makes a fantastic gift idea for those looking to combine protection and style.

5. Custom Luggage Tag


These custom made luggage tags will make thoughtful and adorable gifts or stocking stuffers. These tags truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time your loved one goes on a trip and is waiting in the baggage claim and they are search for their bag they will be so thankful that you got them a tag that stands out. A good luggage tag saves lives.

6. Sleeping Set

 These eye mask and lavender sachet sleep sets are adorable and will help anyone have a peaceful sleep no matter where in the world they are. The eye masks are made with your choice of either silk, bamboo silk, or cotton and come in a variety of colours. The fabric is hand dyed with natural minerals to create a beautiful  colours. They are 100 % chemical and toxic free. I will definitely be writing Santa and asking for one of these sleep sets.

7. Passport Cover

I am in love with these passport covers. They are super cute and will help protect your travel documents. Passport covers are handmade using 100% cotton designer fabrics inside and out, lined with a thin but heavyweight interfacing for a sleeve that holds its shape. Another great idea for a gift or stocking stuffer.

8. Travelers Notebook 

This could possibly be the cutest notebook I have ever seen. Who doesn’t want this beautifully handcrafted notebook?  This small notebook comes wrapped in twine and with your choice of a metal plane charm, compass, or anchor. The inside pages are a high quality thick paper, and are great to write down notes while adventuring.

9. Travel Quotes – Art Print

Another great gift for your travel loving friends and family would definitely be these Travel Quote Prints. They would look perfect on any wall and would inspire all who sees them to travel.

10. Let’s Travel Coffee Mug

Mugs are always great holiday gifts. Get this “Let’s travel the world together” mug for your favourite travel buddy. Fill it with a packet of hot chocolate and some candy canes, and BAM a cute, easy gift.

How perfect are all of these gift ideas?! I know that I love them all. Be sure to share this post with your loved ones. If you get anyone any of these gifts feel free to share a photo of their happy face with me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!