Interview with Vacation With An Artist


Have you ever wanted to get away and go on an amazing adventure where you get to learn, grow and be stretched all while being submerged in a new culture? Picture yourself learning how to create street art or how to tango all while tasting amazing empanadas, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Or how about brushing up on your photography skills in Spain, or learning the art of Bespoke Shoemaking while exploring Prague. If these day dreams sound awesome to you (which they should) then you need to check out Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA).

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The Billabong Sanctuary


As I held the baby crocodile I could hear it making a squeaky noise and I instantly became nervous. From watching every episode of the Crocodile Hunter, I knew that the squeaky sound the baby croc was making, was a call for help to it’s mother. Even though I was in the Billabong Sanctuary, and I knew that the mother was in another habitat, all I could picture was a 17 foot Saltwater Crocodile jumping out of the water and rescuing its baby. But excitement soon pushed the nerves away as I marvelled at the moment I was living. There I was, an 18-year-old Canadian, getting to be up close and personal with Saltwater Crocodiles. Not only do I love all animals and am completely fascinated by them, but since I was 10 I had been dreaming of visiting Australia and playing with Crocs, and I was finally doing that. I looked down at the little guy in my hands, and studied his cool eyes, scales, and long body. Crocs, like most reptiles, are misunderstood creatures and few people get to see them in real life let alone hold one. The little cutie was super cool and I fell in love with him. It was a once in a lifetime experience (unless you live in Townsville haha) that I will tell my grandchildren about.

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Lessons From Hawaii

lesson from hawaii

I lay on the wet sand, eyes closed, listening to the powerful, vast waves crash into the rocks. I focus on my breathing. Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. I open my eyes and stare at the bluest sky my eyes have ever seen and watch fluffy white clouds float over me. The hot Hawaiian sun warms my tan skin. As I absorb the Vitamin D, I breath in the sea’s salty air. I sit up and look out at the beautiful blue water. The sun shimmers perfectly across the ocean. Wave after wave rolls in and crashes into the lava rock. It’s just me in this hidden elysium and I have never felt more relaxed. “This is paradise,” I think to myself. All the stress that I was carrying rolls off my shoulders, and I take in this moment. 

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Lost in the Streets of Rome

rome, italy

     When I found out I was going to be stopping in Rome for three weeks, I was beyond excited. Not only do I love history and find the accent Romans to be fascinating, (the Emperors, the conquering, and stealing everything from the greeks really turns my crank) but also drinking a cappuccino while staring at the Colosseum was something I needed to check off my bucket list.

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