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Lessons From Hawaii

lesson from hawaii

I lay on the wet sand, eyes closed, listening to the powerful, vast waves crash into the rocks. I focus on my breathing. Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. I open my eyes and stare at the bluest sky my eyes have ever seen and watch fluffy white clouds float over me. The hot Hawaiian sun warms my tan skin. As I absorb the Vitamin D, I breath in the sea’s salty air. I sit up and look out at the beautiful blue water. The sun shimmers perfectly across the ocean. Wave after wave rolls in and crashes into the lava rock. It’s just me in this hidden elysium and I have never felt more relaxed. “This is paradise,” I think to myself. All the stress that I was carrying rolls off my shoulders, and I take in this moment. 

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Why I love America #tellamericaitsgreat


I am Canadian, through and through. I believe that pancakes without maple syrup is an abomination and winter isn’t really winter unless it’s -40c outside (that’s -40f for you Americans). I pronounce sorry, like “sore-ry” and I call the restroom the washroom. I am fully aware that the best timbit at Tim Horton’s is the sour cream glazed. To me “icing” isn’t just what you top cakes with but also a rule in hockey. Thanksgiving is in October and the best day to go shopping is Boxing Day. I love Canada because hey, Canada is great eh?  

     I do enjoy my homeland however anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong, deep, infinite love for America. I am all about that apple pie, freedom and Jesus Christ (said with a southern accent). I have enough Star Spangled Banner clothing and accessories to adorn an entire American marching band.
On a hot summer’s day you can find me drinking a tall glass of sweet tea and jamming out to Zac Brown Band. I often belt out the American national anthem and I have publicly shouted “USA! USA! USA!” in every country I have visited. I love visiting the states and one of my goals is to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have even messaged President Obama (love him) on Facebook and asked him for a Green Card. I love ‘Merica! (
Said like how Brick says “I love lamp”.)

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Nobody Likes You When Your 23


As summer fades and fall approaches, I have been evaluating this past year. Before I say anything else, let me just tell you that I am one of the most optimistic people living on Earth. I always see the glass half-full and genuinely love life. I have hope that the future will be amazing and situations will work out for the good. I usually have one mood, and that’s happy. However, my 2016 has not been the best. To put it simply, 2016 has sucked. It may just be because I turned 23 this year and thanks to Blink 182, we all know that “nobody likes you when you’re 23.” From broken hearts to life plans not working to losing love ones, most things that occurred in 2016 have been horrible.Things have really got me down this year and I spent a good amount of the year feeling lost, confused and blue. But even though it has sucked, I am determined to rise above the hurt and pain and live the life I want to.

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The Life of a Travel Addicted

the grand cayon

As I step into the Indian Ocean, the cold water saturates my wetsuit and sends a chill rushing  over my body. I climb down the boat’s ladder, entering the cage and take my place next to  the four other people who are anxiously waiting for the experiences to begin. Excitement begins to take over. I have been wanting to cage dive with Great White Sharks since I was ten years old, and now I was moments away. The instructor yells for us to drop down into the water. No sooner do I grab the metal bar, we down and see the beautiful, four meters (approx 13 ft long) beast swimming towards me. With nothing but three feet between us, the shark opens his huge jaws and chomps down on the fake seal the instructor used to lure it in. I watch the animal disappear into the dark, endless sea and pull myself out of the water. As oxygen fills my lungs, I excitedly yell out in excitement, “That was awesome!” As we’re driving back to shore, I realize that cage diving with Great Whites was the last thing I had left to check off my bucket list. At twenty years old, I had just successfully completed all of my dreams. I smile to myself, pleasantly pleased with my accomplishment.

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Behind the Lens – The Art of Travel Photography

Julian Felipe (20) skatng at the skatepark at 10:30pm.

I have been blessed to be able to travel and create art all over the world. My favourite thing about travelling has always been being able to meet so many unique and interesting people. Our planet is filled with great and passionate people, and being able to listen to their stories and get to know who they are is something I always loved. Being a photographer has given me a huge upper hand when it comes to meeting strangers. A camera is a great tool to help you enter into the life of someone.

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