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Oahu: The Perfect Representation of Paradise


The sand is warm and soft between my toes as I sit on the beach watching surfers catch waves. I relax on the beach and a feeling of pure bliss washes over me. The fresh, ocean air fills my lungs as my skin absorbs Vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Perfect isn’t a strong enough word to describe this moment. Then, I hear the phone ring and I am pulled out of my daydream and back to the wretched reality of my 9-5 job.   

     Being a travel addict, my days are often filled with daydreams of places I have been and new destinations I want to explore. When I close my eyes, I picture beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and mountain ranges. I imagine myself sitting in a coffee shop in Paris drinking a cappuccino, eating a croissant and reading a good book. Then “nek” minute I am admiring the beauty of South Africa as I hike up Table Mountain. The world has endless adventures and I want to experience them all.

   Thanks to awesome photos and videos from adventuring brothers Joshua and Caleb Buchanan, I can’t get Oahu, Hawaii off my mind. Oahu is the perfect representation of paradise. You can take it easy and enjoy the relaxing vibes of the island life while you sip Mai Tai’s on the beach all day. Once you are done relaxing, you can go on some incredible adventures. If you’re like me and understand the art of hiking, Oahu has some amazing trails that you should definitely trek, like The Crouching Lion Trail, Koko Crater Trail and Diamond Head Trail. If surfing is something you need to cross off your bucket list, Oahu is the place you need to be. Learn to surf where surfing was born! (It doesn’t get better than that, folks.) Cool off in the ocean with some snorkeling and swimming with marine life, just remember don’t touch the turtles, it’s illegal.

Here is what Joshua had to say about Oahu,

“I would recommend Oahu to someone who has never been because of the different culture and vibe, even though it is an American State, when you get there it feels like something totally new and different from the mainland. Everyone is way more relaxed and laid back and everyone seems to be happy. Also if you have never been to a tropical place it’s awesome to experience the jungle, with the vines and banana trees and coconut trees, along with the warm blue oceans and sea life such as turtles, dolphins, and Manta rays. Plus the fruit and Kalua Pig and Shrimp! Such awesome food! I would recommend using one morning at least to catch a Hawaiian sunrise and try snorkeling and surfing! Just really dive into the culture and island life there and you will not regret it!”

    Watch Joshua and Caleb’s video of the island and fall in love with Oahu. Get glimpses of (deep breath in) North Shore, Spitting Caves, Waimanalo Beach, Electric Beach, Lanikai Beach, China Walls, Waimea Bay, White Plains Bay, Makapuu Tide Pools, Koko Head Trail, Diamond Head Trail, Crouching Lion Trail, Pillbox Trail, Hanauma Bay, and Waikiki.  If Oahu is not already on your travel bucket list after watching, it will be. If you need help planning your trip to Oahu (or anywhere) contact me and I’ll be your travel buddy.

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Colorado Springs to L.A.

Road trip

As I wake up from a nap, my legs are sweaty and sticking to the leather seats of the van. “It’s so hot, I wish the air conditioner worked.” I think to myself.  My neck is sore from sleeping awkwardly in the passenger seat. I stretch out my arms and rub my face and neck. I am still so tired. My eyes are still half closed as I think to myself “How long have we’ve been driving? How much longer till we get there? What’s that smell? Oh my gosh it’s me.” I am overly tired and getting irritated, but as I look out the window, all the irritation fades away and I am filled with wonder as I stare at never-ending vastness of the desert. Arizona looks exactly as I pictured it;and and cacti for miles. The landscape in front of me is so uniquely beautiful. I pull out my camera and start taking blurry pictures from the van window. “How did I end up on a road trip to L.A?” I chuckle to myself and continue to admire the beauty of the desert.

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The Billabong Sanctuary


As I held the baby crocodile I could hear it making a squeaky noise and I instantly became nervous. From watching every episode of the Crocodile Hunter, I knew that the squeaky sound the baby croc was making, was a call for help to it’s mother. Even though I was in the Billabong Sanctuary, and I knew that the mother was in another habitat, all I could picture was a 17 foot Saltwater Crocodile jumping out of the water and rescuing its baby. But excitement soon pushed the nerves away as I marvelled at the moment I was living. There I was, an 18-year-old Canadian, getting to be up close and personal with Saltwater Crocodiles. Not only do I love all animals and am completely fascinated by them, but since I was 10 I had been dreaming of visiting Australia and playing with Crocs, and I was finally doing that. I looked down at the little guy in my hands, and studied his cool eyes, scales, and long body. Crocs, like most reptiles, are misunderstood creatures and few people get to see them in real life let alone hold one. The little cutie was super cool and I fell in love with him. It was a once in a lifetime experience (unless you live in Townsville haha) that I will tell my grandchildren about.

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Dancing at the Divide Music Festival

Divide Music Festival

I pull out all of my favourite dance moves as I stand in a crowd while watching Miike Snow perform live at The Divide Music Festival. Orange and yellow rays shine out from behind the stage as the sun starts to set. A mix of fresh mountain air and the smell of delicious food truck pizza fills my nostrils. I look around me and take in the beauty of Winter Park, Colorado. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the mountains surrounding the festival grounds are majestic. The amazing scenery only enhances the fabulous music. I take a sip of my beer and continue to enjoy myself with a group of my favourite (or favorite) Americans.

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A Perfect Day in Perth

cass in perth

As you may have realized, I love traveling and meeting new people. When I met new people on my adventures, a question I love to ask them is “If you could do anything right now, and money doesn’t matter, and you have all the technical advancements you need, what would you do?” Hearing peoples responses is always fascinating. Some people would take a trip to the moon, some would pursue their artistic dreams and others dream of their toes in the water, ass in the sand not worry in the world and a cold beer in their hand.

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